What make a real outdoor fitness equipment manufacturer

It is easy to find a manufacturer of outdoor fitness equipment, especially from China. But, have you ever considered this question: What is a "real" outdoor fitness equipment manufacturer?

1. Industry experience

All knowledge comes from experience. You can not expect a manufacturer without enough experience to be a good supplier.
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2. Product Development

Any lines of products we designed, your customers' demand is always kept in mind. Municipalities or organizations.
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3. Manufacturing

Including production ability, quality control, cost management and many other aspects which indirectly concern you.
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4. Certifying

We know how important safety standard and certificate are, for your business, for our products. That is why we keep working on it.
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5. Distribution network

When it comes to distribution network management, we are serious. Contract spirit makes us get together.
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6. Collaborating

In this competitive business world, collaborating between manufacturer and dealer is our way out.
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