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Help you win outdoor fitness equipment government tenders

Since 2006, we have helped importers, distributors and resellers win outdoor fitness equipment government tenders using our proven bidding competiton strategies. They are from South America, India and Europe. Founded by a team of tender and outdoor fitness equipment experts, we know this business well from our 100+ hands-on bidding experience. Maxmizeing your business profits is why we are here.

1.Industry Observe

A better understanding of outdoor fitness equipment industry helps you find business opportunities.
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2.Local Market Analysis

Local market analysis helps you know what products are best suitable for your market.
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3.Tender Homework

Some homework should be done before an outdoor fitness equipment tender is published.
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4.Tender Tips

Tips on every step of an outdoor fitness equipmentn tender process are available.
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5.Advantage Support

Some advantages are needed for wining a government tender for outdoor fitness equipment
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6.Exclusivation Back-up

Represent a manufacturer to resell his products or to take part in tenders in an exclusivation way is a big advantage.
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Why choose koopur?

  • Koopur focus her niche market on outdoor fitness equipment government tenders. Providing professional competiton strategy to help you win tenders. We believe only in a segmented market, people can do great jobs.
  • A large range of outdoor fitness equipment and unite prodcuts with competive pirces and particular specifications. Helping you enhance the chance to win a tender.
  • With experience of participateing in government tenders more than 100 times. Valuable competiton strategies are available for you to stand out from the competiton.

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